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Our Mission

Women's rights are human rights. Lead in Heels' is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) with the primary mission to empower women and girls globally through building a support system for victims of domestic and sexual violence, for NGOs dedicated to work for the betterment of women and children, for activists committed to bringing about social justice, and for women and girls to have access to means for financial independence, education and health.  

Our Mission

Our Vision

We aim to bring about support, social awareness, activism, change, and justice for women and children of all walks of life through engaging in local and international efforts via partnerships with organizations that primarily focus on social advancements for women.

Our History

Lead in Heels was started in 2015 and is now flourishing under California Radio-Television Host and community activist, Papiha Nandy. As Chairperson, Nandy has been able to umbrella her ongoing efforts under the 501(c)(3) to make a bigger impact. The organization is led by her dedication, determination and drive to be a voice against injustices suffered by women and to join hands with like-minded community members to empower women and children worldwide. Her work has awarded her multiple certifications of recognition from the California State Assembly for her "dedication and service, as a distinguished member of California's Indo-American community, in furtherance of the state's economic and cultural development" and "for the many contributions and achievements [she] has given to the Community through [her] services."

Our Team

Chairperson and Executive Director




Aditi has over 15 years of experience in growth marketing with companies in the Bay Area. She has a passion for empowering women and children which made Lead in Heels a natural fit for giving back to the community. She hopes to bring her expertise in managing teams, digital outreach and social media marketing to help grow the footprint of Lead in Heels.

VP Marketing

Board Member


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Dr. Avanti Kulkarni is a scientist and pharma industry leader. 
Avanti’s involvement with non-profit organizations spans 2 decades. Starting with volunteering and having served in various roles including, project coordinator, event planner, fundraiser, and newsletter editor. Avanti is looking forward to supporting the hard-hitting causes related to domestic violence and abuse that impact women and children worldwide. 

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

If every woman is given a voice and freedom,

we will empower the whole world.

Papiha Nandy, Chairperson

All Videos

All Videos

Our Chairperson

Papiha Nandy has been in media and broadcasting for over 30 years and has worked in newspaper, radio, and television in India, Japan, and the United States. Her television show, Ekla Cholo Re - Walk Alone, has been a social vehicle for bringing light to and creating discussions around controversial topics affecting women and children, primarily of South Asian descent. The talk show has tackled taboo topics such as Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence, Arranged Marriages, and Cultural Superstitions which ostracize & victimize females through facilitating intimate interviews of those with real-life stories of how they attained victory over adversity. Her on-camera presence has contributed to a social shift of empowerment of women and girls within the South Asian community to come forward, voice their story, demand justice, and fight for change together.


Off-camera, she has spent over thirty years of active volunteer efforts in providing access to emergency and supportive services, shelter, guidance and counseling, legal and medical aid, educational and professional opportunities for women. Most notably, she has focused her work towards being a support for families of violence with women and children who are in danger of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. 


She has utilized her vast platform as a media personality and influencer in Radio & Television to help other organizations build a strong-rooted community presence that brings about social support and change for its members. Nandy has shown how we can bring together, uplift, and empower women through her work of showcasing the realities of those who "walk alone" to creating a

network of empowered women who "LEAD IN HEELS".

Make a Difference Today!

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