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OWN IT - UC DAVIS SUMMIT invites Papiha Nandy as Panel Speaker

Special Invitation to Women's Leadership Summit

Papiha Nandy with Yvette Hatton and Archana Panda at the OWN IT UC Davis Summit

OWN IT at UC Davis Summit formally invited Media Journalist, Papiha Nandy, to be a Panel Speaker at the 2018 event. OWN IT at UC Davis is a one-day women’s leadership summit designed to encourage young women to pursue their highest goals. Strong, accomplished women are able to give back and share with future leaders what they have learned in their careers. Read the invitation below:


Dear Papiha Nandy, 

On behalf of Davis Women in Business, I am very excited to formally invite you to speak at UC Davis’ second annual OWN It Summit hosted on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 starting at 10 AM. We anticipate around 200 participants and seek coverage from local media. On this day,

You are an ideal speaker for our summit because as the CEO/Executive Producer at Papiha Nandy Broadcasting Company, you are an ideal role model of what hard work can translate into. Your fierce stance on women’s rights and passionate push for women empowerment resonates with our mission as well. We believe you would be an great addition to our OWN IT Summit because you will be able to bring insight and advice for young women that are seeking to be in your field or related fields. 

It would be an honor to have you speak at the summit and I know women of all ages would benefit from hearing your wise words. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you to help make this day unforgettable!


Disha Bahl 

OWN IT Summit Director 

Davis Women in Business

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