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Papiha Nandy leads massive nation-wide protest

Bay Area Activist & Journalist organizes peaceful protest in support of domestic violence victim, Neha Rostagi

Papiha Nandy, an advocate for victims of domestic abuse, at a rally outside of the Palo Alto Courthouse in support of Neha Rastogi. (Bert Johnson/KQED)

Papiha Nandy, who organized a nationwide rally on June 15 to gather support for Rastogi, said it was “heart-breaking” that 12 audiotapes, in which Gattani is reportedly heard brutally abusing his wife, were inadmissible as evidence. “We have to change the laws of the land so that abused women do not have to bear the burden of proof, said the Indian American community activist. - INDIA WEST
“Domestic violence is kept under wraps, we do not talk about it,” she said, referring to the large immigrant community from South Asia in the Bay Area. "Domestic violence has to stop, and as a community it’s time to stand up against it, act and speak up to spread the message that it won’t be tolerated at all.” - THE MERCURY NEWS

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